Thursday, September 25, 2014

Our New Site is Live!!

It took much longer than I thought, but our new site is finally LIVE!  Here are some of the details.

It's hosted by Github
The previous site was hosted by wordpress. The thought was that it would be easy to edit, but nobody was editing it. So, I put it back on Github, which is a social open source way of sharing things. You want to edit it? Complete the Open Sourcerer skill, fork it, and submit a pull request!

It has room to grow
This site is super simple but has room to grow because it isn't based on a blog template. So if we want to add a section or do post some of the games that our members are building in javascript, we can do it with the new site.

It's free
Instead of paying for premium hosted and premium templates, it is on a free platform and a simple html, css, and javascript. Now all of the costs that we save on hosting and templates, we can spend on things like materials for skills and patches...Yay!

Yep, I am pretty excited to have the new site!

High five,

Ben (aka Flynn)